Where have I been? Why did  I dissappear from social media?


I’ve been everywhere and I have a ton of flicks and pics that I will be sharing with you all! I got tired of social media, I felt like I was showing off and I was literally getting sick of myself posting pictures all day long. The unfortunate part is that when you stop participating in social media everyone thinks something bad happened to you. That was not the case with me. By the grace of God I’m doing better than I ever have been in the history of my life! I am very thankful & appreciate God the source of all of my success and happiness! To you father, you whom are above everything known and unknown, everything visible and invisible, human and not human, everything that exists and will exist, to you whom is above all! You the most merciful, the most generous, the most loving! I love you & thank you for everything!


I was in Paris when Covid hit


I’ve always been big on hygiene. Although Covid-19 has negatively impacted so many lives I was happy to see the positive impact that it has had on individual and mutual hygiene. If you are anything like me then you easily notice when people are not practicing proper hygiene.


I was in Paris for 10 days and stayed only blocks away from the Eiffel Tower at a lovely boutique hotel! I visited a ton of amazing restaurants, the famous Lourve Museum, the Eiffel tower, the bridge of locks, and so many other cool places. I did a photo shoot with my beautiful girlfriend. As you could imagine we had the entire city to ourselves! We didn’t have to deal with long lines or overcrowding anywhere. (TBH I hate lines and always find a way to avoid them. Side note Lifehack: Knowing people or the occasional $20 dollar bill will normally get you past any line.)

What an adventure it was! We landed the night before the closed the borders!

Off with the head

(A young King David with the head of Goliath) I have slayed some seriously enormous giants in my life but like King David all of my success comes from the most high!


They going crazy! I’m going Cancun!


The world will drive us crazy if we let it! That’s why my girlfriend and I travelled to Cancun to get away! It was suppose to be a trip that was us and our mother's but my mom tapped out. With Covid-19 going on there was no convincing my Mom on Cancun. Cancun was fun! We had an amazing time! We did Jetski’s, swam with the dolphins, alot of Don Julio, beach, pool action!


The Honest Truth!

My advice to you is while you are learning how to trade increase your efforts in the activity or activities that bring you in the most income. For example, if you are a realtor are in any sort of sales position then your time is best spent on originating new business and meeting with customers. These are the activities that create your income. Stop wasting your time doing everything else and spend more of your time doing what makes you money!!


How to become a successful trader?


  1. You MUST take your stop loss when your trading plan mandates that you take your stop loss

  2. Have a trading plan

  3. Learn from someone that can show you through trial and error without you having to lose money

  4. You MUST take profit when your profit targets are hit!

  5. Study the charts and become so familiar with the setups that you know without doubt what the most highly probable direction of price action.


Chart Here


What make’s me different?


No man is above another. I am no more or no less than anyone else.

  1. The best way to learn anything is through osmosis. 

  2. A high percentage of the charts that I have posted went exactly in the direction that I predicted. You can check the timestamp on my post @amthemarket and track the progress of the trade. You will find that majority of stocks preformed exactly as I said they would. 

  3. I am very good at explaining the complexities of trading in a manner so simple that your average teenager would understand.

  4. I am and always have been passionate about helping others! I want you to win! I want you to be successful! 

Lamborghini Days

I encourage you to challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself. 

Typically you see a picture of someone showing off their wealth and they follow it up with you can have this to!! Well the truth is YOU CAN'T!! Unless you work hard for it! And if you are praying person you better do a whole lot of that! And make sure you are praying to the most loving, most merciful, most generous one which is above everything and everyone! (And not one of these pagan satan like gods!)

I share with you because I love to motivate & inspire but I never want to give anyone the wrong impression! 


I want you win and be successful. But earning a consistent income from trading is no simple task! If your focus is earning income or making money there are much easier ways to accomplish that other than trading!!! While you are learning how to be a successful trader you should be focusing your attention on whatever the activity/activities are currently creating you the most income.

Trading isn't the answer for most people. The simple answer is for most people is to just expand on what you are currently doing right now. Statistically speaking it would alot easier for you to make the additional income you desire by increasing your efforts and expanding your current business. (This statement is only applicable to business owners and comissission based employees. It's not easy for an hourly or salaried wage earner to increase their income.)


Technical Accuracy 

is a Youtube series where we show how we use market intelligence to execute accurately and consistently.




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