About us
Christopher J. Wiggins

Director of Education


Mr. Wiggins is an expert real estate investor and professional trader. His background is real estate financing, development, and professional trading. 


As a mortgage professional Mr. Wiggins has financed and developed over 500 million dollars in various real estate projects. In addition to being a monster originator he educated several hundreds of mortgage brokers and loan origination officers on sales and customer service.

Chris has studied trading for several years. He has traveled to several different countries to study and trade with traders, comparing strategies and technique. He has a strong ability to identifying market direction and trade-able events. 

His two day event consists of explaining his strategy and what he considers:

1. tradable events

2. market direction

3. when to go short or long

4. when to add or reduce

5. when to stop out of a trade

6. when to take profit

7. how to trade your way out of a negative position

8. how to create a trading plan

and several other important factors.

Understanding the language of trading along with a strong trading plan will allow you to earn income and build wealth.

Allow him the privilege of being your mentor. Enroll now for one of his many educational products.