Time Frames

Price action can be depicted in candlesticks. Individuals can choose to see price depicted in different time frames. For example, In the 2 minute chart below each candlestick represents 5 minutes of price action. Traders can choose too view price form in increments of anytime frame they choose. Traders often watch price form in multiple time frames simultaneously.

some popular time frames:

2 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, 1 hour, daily



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some popular moving averages:

8ma, 20ma, 50ma, 100ma,  200ma

Moving Averages

Moving Averages indicate where price should be based on the price average over the course of a chosen period of time designated by the trader. For example, the line below represents the 50 period simple moving average. For every 50 candles price is suppose to be at the line below based on the average price.


Location, Location, Location! Traders love when price is in key location! The Real Estate business teaches us that location is important. Where should you buy? Where should you sell/short? Buying and selling in some locations will yield a significant amount profit in comparison to buying/selling in other locations.

buying or shorting at specific locations will produce largest profit takes

Candlestick Patterns

There are several candlestick patterns that signal the direction of price action.

The language of trading is a visual non verbal language. A language that can be understood fluently by understanding less than 12 candlestick patterns. One could earn an income and build wealth knowing 1 pattern alone along with how to trade through the turbulence of the market.